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5 tools I never leave home without

5 tools I never leave home without!

By Lean Techniques, Lean Thinking, Process Improvement
I see plenty of lists containing tools and techniques used in Lean Six Sigma projects. I don’t always agree with every item on every list but that can often come down to a matter of opinion. The lists I see are general to the term Lean Six Sigma so I thought I’d offer up a quick list of the Lean Six Sigma tools I believe fit really well into Service improvement (not manufacturing). Read More

5 reasons you don’t have a culture of continuous improvement

By Change Management, Lean Six Sigma, Lean Thinking, Lean Training, Management

Almost all companies want a culture of continuous improvement (CI) – yet so few have it. Why is that then?

Here are our top 5 reasons that prevent you from creating a culture of CI:

1.You don’t invest in training people

Improvement is a skill like any other. Some people have a bit of a natural gift for it – most of us need to be trained. It doesn’t have to be expensive in this day and age and the return on investment you’ll get will far exceed the training cost. It’s also far cheaper to have a Lean Six Sigma training provider deliver the training at your workplace.

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Why can’t you record a phone call using your iPhone?

Why can’t you record a phone call using your iPhone?

By Technology

A little while ago, I was preparing for an important phone call and I thought to myself – I might record this so I can review it later and be sure I missed nothing.

I’ve not needed to do this before, but since my iPhone is capable of recording and storing videos, I assumed that there would be some functionality that would enable to record calls.

Nope. Nup. Nada.

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