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How close are your Employee Engagement and Customer Experience Strategies?

By | Customer experience, Customer Satisfaction, Employee Engagement, Leadership, Lean Culture
Double acts have long been part of many peoples lives, from Morecambe & Wise, Penn & Teller or even Cake & Custard. These have each had their own success and in business there are two things that I believe you should look at together. Not as a comedy, magic act or dessert, but, together as one that can deliver you real bottom line results, if taken seriously. This double act is “Employee Engagement” and “Customer Experience”.

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Rag status

What is a good RAG status …..50 Shades of Green?

By | Leadership, Measures
I woke up this morning to a memory of an old friend. I was supporting him within a large UK banking organisation when he had a ‘moment’. There we were, in front of a team of senior managers and, for whatever reason the red mist descended. His emotions had got the better of him, due to the apparent lack of action from the senior leadership team. He angrily blurted out “Do you know what it’s like managing here… 50 shades of green!”. This was around the time everyone had read the book and had started flocking to the cinema to watch “50 Shades of Grey”. I thought “wow, what a statement!” but what did he actually mean?

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5 reasons you don’t have a culture of continuous improvement

By | Change Management, Lean Six Sigma, Lean Thinking, Lean Training, Management

Almost all companies want a culture of continuous improvement (CI) – yet so few have it. Why is that then?

Here are our top 5 reasons that prevent you from creating a culture of CI:

1.You don’t invest in training people

Improvement is a skill like any other. Some people have a bit of a natural gift for it – most of us need to be trained. It doesn’t have to be expensive in this day and age and the return on investment you’ll get will far exceed the training cost. It’s also far cheaper to have a Lean Six Sigma training provider deliver the training at your workplace.

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Is Myers-Briggs any more useful than a Horoscope?

Is Myers-Briggs any more useful than a Horoscope?

By | Leadership
In my very first Team Manager role early in my career, my employer put all of us through the Myers-Briggs personality test (also known as MBTI). It said I was quite introverted and thinking more than feeling. About a year later, they put us through the test again and I had morphed into a much more extroverted person, who was now more feeling than thinking.

The Call Centre Manager proudly advised me that the dramatic change was due to their investment in me as a ‘leader’ and evidence that their development of my managerial skills was working.

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