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Whether you’re looking for support with improving processes and performance, or whether you’re looking for Automation using RPA or BPM tools, Lean is at the heart of everything we do. We have over 12 years experience in helping organisations improve efficiency, reduce waste and increase revenue throughout the UK, Europe, Middle East and US. Take a look at our services below to find out more.

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Lean is not a destination. It’s a continuous process where we review how our customers interact with us to work out how to improve performance. It’s about looking at new technologies that might make something easier and faster to deliver. It’s about looking at new products and services and designing processes that reduce customer effort, waste and failure demand.

Our approach is to go and observe the work – wherever or whatever the work may be. Traditionalists will call this ‘going to the Gemba’ or ‘Gemba Walks’ but you don’t need Japanese terms to describe the activity. What it really boils down to is going and observing what is happening on the front line. We listen to your customer’s calls. We watch your customers interact with your sales staff in your shops or branches. We observe your Operational colleagues process work. We talk to the people that ‘do the doing’ to find out where the opportunities to improve performance are.

We’ve been out with repair crews from water companies to find out how they detect and repair burst water pipes. We’ve sat in bank branches and watched mortgage applications be completed with the customer and colleague. We’ve sat in 100’s of call centres and listened to 100,000’s of calls to understand why people are calling. We’ve shadowed care workers as they care for people in Nursing Homes. We’ve sat, watched listened and learned about our clients businesses so we can in turn, help them.