UiPath Automation Platform

Technological disruption and the Automation Era are reshaping business processes; increasing productivity, growing jobs and providing a better life to humans. Together with UiPath, we are refining the customer experience, business process, and the future of work. Our collaboration has shown the ability to change business processes quickly, as opposed to taking the traditional holistic approach, that could take considerable time and money to achieve.

In partnership with UiPath, the fastest-growing enterprise software company with UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform, we are delivering rapid automation of tasks for business, government and organisations all over the world. RPA is the most efficient and effective path to digital transformation and probably the fastest.

UiPath is the platform and technology where computer software can emulate human interactions with digital systems and interfaces. Interactions and emulations include the input and manipulation of data, execution of applications, and exchanges with other systems. This complied software of emulated actions and interactions that execute the operations are called “robots” or “bots”.

The UiPath Enterprise Platform delivers rapid automation utilises three components of the UiPath Suite, Studio, Robots and Orchestrator. The studio is where the automation is built, creating reusable components to enable application integration and third-party application automation. Utilising a graphical representation of a business process, Studio enables the automation of rule-based processes. The studio gives developers the execution order and the relationship between a custom set of steps, where each step consists of a small action, such as reading a file or writing to a log panel.

UiPath describes robots as the digital workers that carry out the automation, based on the bots created in UiPath Studio. Bots include many inherent abilities and capabilities. They can read, categorise and process content from the greatest degree of applications, files and databases, including structured, semi-structured and unstructured forms. Latest UiPath cognitive advancements in incorporating OCR engines from Google, Microsoft & ABBYY, with Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, bots can automate even the most complex processes.

Automations and the bots that then carry out are based on the instructions received from UiPath Orchestrator, the web-based application used to deploy, assign tasks to and monitor the robotic workforce. UiPath’s Orchestrator can manage your entire taskforce of a Robot fleet. Attended, Unattended, they are connected and executed from a centralised point. It is mandatory in large and complex automation, where Orchestrator is required for the monitoring and deployment of resources in environments, acting in the same as an integration point for solutions and applications.

UiPath achieves and delivers the highest ability to implement and execute Robotic Process Automation Software. As organizations look for ways to improve operational efficiency and integrate legacy systems with new enterprise applications and digital business, UiPath continues to grow its footprint.