RPA End to End Implementation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a software that allows you to process things on any system – the same way a person would – except without a person being required.

There is no limitation on systems – there is no system integration. It simply interacts with systems the way a User does.

It’s a great way to avoid expensive and complex systems integration development.

We have led the deployment of Robotics in different organisations, We’re supplier agnostic – we’ll help you select the right RPA software a supplier and work with you embed Robotic Process Automation in your organisation and ensure a fantastic ROI.

5 Things to know about Robotic Process Automation

  1. An RPA ‘Robot’ can potentially work 24 hours and day, 7 days a week. The only downtime is when your systems are down.
  2. The ‘Robot’ works at 100% productivity and never takes a break or goes looking for Pokémon.
  3. A ‘Robot’ never make a mistake.
  4. It processes ‘Structured Data’ across any system you like.
  5. There is no actual robot. It’s a bit of software that sits on a server (you won’t need a floor full of empty PCs being operated by robots.

Business Care

We can help you build a business case that stacks up with reliable baseline data and measurements.

Proof of Concept

We can deliver 'proof of concept' that shows an initial process being automated successfully.


We can help you implement the RPA system into your IT architecture properly.


We can help you identify your processes that will benefit from the Robotic Process Automation


We'll help you train internal Subject Matter Experts on how to use your RPA


We gather baseline process data to help you understand and prioritise your RPA development list

Go Live

We'll even bring the champagne to toast your success

Reporting & Control

We can help you develop robust reporting exception management and process controls

Further Development

And finally, put you on the right path to self sustain your new RPA capability and continue to deliver RPA value