Performance Management Training

Most people become a manager because they have been with an organisation long enough and because they are good at the job they were there to do.

Unfortunately, neither of these criteria matter when it comes to selecting a good manager. Furthermore – there is a distinct lack of investment in training managers in the first place.

This leaves you with a situation where managers are learning on the job – picking up good habits from others, but unfortunately, picking up bad habits too.

The good news is – you can be trained to be a better manager. Even if you are naturally adept at Management, or if you are not – our course will help you understand the nuances of your role as a manager as well as give you practical tools and techniques to make you a better leader.

Performance Management
it’s not magic, it’s a set of processes and learnings that help you getthe most out of your employees

Leadership Skills
most people aren’t born leaders, they are created. Learn what it takes to be a leader

Driving high performance
pushing everyone to work harder only gets you so fa. Learn how to engage your staff to drive high performance

The Art of giving feedback
it really can be an art. Learn helpful techniques to improve your giving of feedback

Self awareness
learn more about yourself and how your interpret and react to situations

Time Management
lack of time is themost common reasons or excuses as to why performance management is not completed


Day 1

Your roles as a manager

  • Inputs + Relationships = Outputs
  • Judgement calls
  • Rapport
  • Feedback skills
  • Personalities
  • In & Out groups
Day 2

Time Management

  • 121 structure
  • 121 approach and preparation
  • 121 demo
  • SMART actions
  • What and Why preparation
Day 3

Role Playing newly learned skills in a safe environment



Aligned to ISO 13053 Quantitative methods in process improvement – six sigma standard

Lean Training Certified


Boost your professional development and increase your earning potential with a recognised Lean Six Sigma certification

Project Completion


Use your newly found Lean Six Sigma skills to complete improvement project and increase customer satisfaction


Lean Six Sigma

This is all our experts do – and they practise it for a living. You’ll get to learn from the best in the industry

Lean Training Certified


Receive a Certificate – Practice what you learn

lean Templates


All our courses come complete with a suite of templates that you can use after the course