Case Study

Root Cause Analysis

The Problem

Brakes approached us with a need to train their team on a consistent and dedicated approach to improvement. They recognised that one of their biggest issues was that they were constantly ‘putting out fires’ as issues cropped up, rather than spending the time and energy exploring why the issues are cropping up in the first place.

The Solution

We developed a fully bespoke course for Brakes, that covered topics that were specifically required by the client. The 2-day course included areas such as 8 Waste Analysis, Value Stream Mapping, Root Cause Analysis techniques, FMEA and Generating Solutions techniques.

Following the training, the delegates were split into groups and each given a project to work on. We provided ongoing mentoring and coaching support for a further 6 months after the courses were delivered to help the teams complete their projects.

The Process

We had a series of meetings with key colleagues at Brakes, where we sought to understand the nature of the problem and the skill gaps that needed improving. Rather than provide some ‘out of the box’ course, Brakes wanted something specific to their needs.

They also wanted the course to be as relevant as possible, so we worked with the team to come up with real internal examples taken from the business to use in the training that would help bring the course material to life.

The Results

We delivered the course to 30 delegates over 4 weeks. We followed this up with specific ‘call to actions’ for the delegates along with monthly mentoring sessions. Each session was accompanied by a project milestone.

As a result of the training and mentoring programme, the business was able to deliver improvements such as increasing First Time Availability rates, reducing Zero Downs, Improving Back Order Process, Improving Forecasts on lines with short expiry’s and reducing food waste.

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