CRF Health

Case Study

Overall Automation

Introducing RPA

CRF Health engaged Lean Consulting to help them commence their RPA journey in early 2018. We helped them select the appropriate RPA supplier that best suited their needs and started to identify potential processes for a Proof of Concept (POC).

Shortly into the engagement, we delivered the POC to highlight the capability and potential of RPA. The next two projects were then kicked off in May 2018 & December 2018 – being delivered in November 2018 & April 2019 respectively.

Internal Capability

To ensure that CRF Health’s RPA journey was to be sustainable, we helped them build a plan to develop their internal knowledge base around RPA. This meant hiring a couple of developers and a business analyst to train-up and completing appropriate handovers of the RPA projects. Lean Consulting advised on the hiring of RPA developers and helped to nurture and upskill the new hires.

Achieving Scale

Once CRF Health had several stable and consistent automation, Lean Consulting carried out the job of setting up UiPath Orchestrator and worked with CRF Health to ensure the infrastructure was set-up correctly. UiPath Orchestrator is vital for the larger RPA operations and has allowed CRF Health to schedule their automation, enabling them to utilize otherwise untouched times of the day for carrying out work. It also reduces the amount of time required to manage the operating of each automation.


To date, Lean Consulting has implemented three automation and delivered a scalable, internal capability. The Automations have saved the business upwards of £300,000 and are forecasted to save a further $400,000 by the end of 2019. We are still working with CRF Health as a source of support and advice for their current and future projects.

Status Report

CRF Health staff spend on average over an hour to create a monotonous, repetitive report for each and every one of the 300+ studies they manage.

The Problem

CRF Health are a new and innovative company in the drug discovery industry. They specialise in using mobile technologis to improve the process of medical trials. In total they monitor 360 studies, all of which require weekly reporting on their progress status.

They realised that this process was proving very time-consuming for staff taking on averge 66 mibutes per report – not to mention the cost to the business for that time! This was done to data being across multiple systems as well as a lack of standardisation between studies on how the reports were to be built. Something needed to change.

The Solution

Over the course of 6 months, Lean Consulting worked with CRF Health’s Process Improvement team to improve the original process as well as design and create automation to build the Study STatus Reports. The automation used UiPath software and was able to cut down the average build time for a single report to 10 minutes.

The Process

Lean Consulting worked with CRF Health to standardise the process and then methodically developed each component of the report, testing thoroughly at each stage. Once the automation was up and running, Lean Consulting assisted in early Go-Live support and maintenance to help troubleshoot if there were any unexpected errors.

As part of the handover, CRF Health was given documentation to help them manage the automation moving forward.

The Results

Over 50% of Studies are now part of the scheme as of November 2018 and in the first 3 years is forecasted to save CRF Health a total of £1.14m. CRF Health is now building its own internal RPA capability, for which Lean Consulting is assisting.

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