Nationwide Building Society

Case Studies

Diagnostics & Analytics

The Problem

Group Operational Strategy & Architecture were approached to complete a diagnostic on the Direct Operations of the bank, the Sales and Servicing Contact Centres.

The Building Society was keen to ensure that they were achieving optimal efficiency whilst maintaining their current high levels of service and quality performance.

Group Operational Strategy & Architecture approached Lean Consulting to help them complete the diagnostic detailing the improvement opportunities available to the direct business, the size of those opportunities and the effort required to implement.

The Solution

Working closely with colleagues from Group Operational Startegy & Architecture, Lean Consultants scoped, planned and delivered a 4 week diagnosticsof the Sales and Services Contact Centre environments, across 5 sites nationally.

Our approach centred around 5 core competencies, Process, Configuration, Technology, People and Ownership.

The Process

Our approach consisted of a combination of structured informal interviews, call observations and analysis of existing reporting to determine how the business is currently performing and where performance improvements could be delivered to achieve desired outcomes. Our activity included:

  • Completed 47 informal interviews with Managers from all levels
  • Completed 39 informal interviews with Call Handling Colleagues across all sites
  • Observed 132 Service calls in all sites
  • Observed 70 Sales calls in all sites
  • Observed 12 administration tasks being completed
  • Reviewed and analysed 100+ reports and documents

The Results

Based on our diagnostic review of the Direct business, we identified improvement that would yield a cost saving of £3.3m annualised reduction within 6 months

We identified 14 different areas where an improvement could be made through:

  • increased efficiency of existing processes
  • reduction in effort required to complete work
  • removal of work completely, and
  • Increased quality of work

Strategic Architecture

The Problem

Successfully facing one of the most severe economic downturns in recent years, Nationwide Building Society is working hard to define their optimal Operating Model and identified the need to develop a holistic Capacity Plan across the business.

A gap was identified and highlighted an issue their ability to strategically forecast and plan for their capacity requirements, and linking these demand plans to their strategic growth planning.

The Solution

Working closely with the Capacity planning teams, Lean Consultants conducted an initial review of the current short term planning processes, establishing maturity levels, data availability and understanding detailed requirements for strategic planning.

The next stage involved building a strategic model designed to dovetail into short term models, linked with growth plans and the ability to support decision making using scenario planning.

Enhancements to the Corporate target planning process identified during the initial review were implemented to support the accuracy of forecast demand.
All of the results were tested and validated with the business users, ensuring the tool is fit for purpose.

The tool was then used to analyse the impact of the major transformation programmes on the operation, providing clear visibility of future forecast requirements based on anticipated change and development of the operation.

The Process

Following major transformation impact analysis, the tool was handed over to the Capacity planning teams enabling them to provide a clear view of projected impacts of future change.

The advantages of having this clear visibility prompted a request for further enhancements of the model to include 3rd party costs and outsourcing options.

The Results

We delivered an enterprise-wide capacity model allows the business the speed and agility to model the impacts of change and growth projections with a high degree of accuracy.

Our work helped to support the decision making the process through providing a robust mechanism for analysis and validation of strategic direction planning.

We improved the long term view of capacity gaps and resource skills requirements whilst establishing a basis for productivity improvement.

Lean Training

Delivering a bespoke, externally accredited suite of Lean Six Sigma training programmes.

The Problem

Group Operations and Customer Services wanted to build a bespoke internal Lean Six Sigma training programme that would allow them to have a best in class approach to building improvement capability in their organisation.

To ensure it was best in class, Nationwide required that the course achieve an externally recognised, industry-leading certification (from LERC, the Lean Competency System).

The Solution

We successfully built a 2 Day, 3 Day and 5 Day Course for Lean Six Sigma training. The modular training covering 7 Categories (All 5 Principles, History of Lean & Systems thinking with material aligned to 1A, 1B & 1C LERC Competencies.

Our full training programme included Facilitator guides, Delegate guides, Workshop exercises, exams, project assessments and a case study, for all 3 levels of the Lean Competency System, Level 1a, Level 1b and Level 1c.

The Process

We gathered the external accreditation requirements to commence the training build. Pulling from our vast knowledge and materials about lean, we were able to quickly align content to required deliverables.

We also developed new and interesting group exercises for the course that both engaged the delegates but also allowed for the delegates to learn the key concepts in a manner that was relevant to their business. We also uncovered examples of failure, waste, Root Cause analysis and failure demand from the organisation and wove this into the training to increase the relatability and relevance.

The Results

It took 12 weeks to build the course and 16 weeks to achieve formal sign off from the external accreditors. We delivered the training to over 250 employees before completing the train the trainer and handing over to the business to continue delivery.

Feedback from the course was exceptional, with 100% top two box satisfaction levels. Feedback included: “The layout of the training and the group exercises assigned – worked well and focused on the key areas of Lean.” and “It has opened my eyes to a new way of improving the business where the customer’s needs are central to what we do.”

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