Lean Six Sigma Yellow Advanced Belt

Sometimes, an organisation wants to train a smaller group of colleagues to slightly higher standard.

Our Advanced Yellow Belt course is similar to the Yellow Belt course, but includes a more detailed look at the 5 Lean Principles – Value, Value Stream, Flow, Pull & Perfection.

We’ll teach delegates how to use some of the Lean Six Sigma tools to improve each aspect of the 5 Lean Principles, so this course covers a little more content than the standard Yellow Belt.

The training also includes our world-class Lego Simulation to practically teach people about waste and failure is a live simulation

Lego Simulation
Understand how waste manifests itself in a process with our unique lego simulation

5 Lean Principles
study the 5 Lean Principles and understand their impact on perofrmance improvement

a series of structured approaches to get you thinking different about improvements and how to generate new ideas

Root Cause Analysis
get straight to teh root of any problem using these fantastic root cause analysis tools

Cost of Poor Quality
look at the hidden costs that are caused by a lack of quality processing

Systems Thinking
processes don’t work in isolation. We’ll teach you to think about processes as part of a wider system of work

Service Oriented

Specifically designed for the service environment – the right tools for the job

CPD Certified

This course offers 36 CPD Points – all of our Lean Six Sigma courses are CPD certified

DMAIC Tool Kit

Free set of tools that are excellent for solving technical complexity problems

Online Training

Free access to our online training platform during and after your course

Guaranteed Belt

Gain certification through completion of belt

Lean Support

Coaching from certified lean experts during and after your course

Day 1

Online Learning1 Day

  • Introduction to Lean and Six Sigma
  • Materials covering core Yellow Belt concepts
  • Videos and exercises to consolidate learning
  • Identify project
Day 2

Classroom Training3 Days

  • DMAIC Training - A3 problem solving
  • Focus on basic tools and techniques across all phases
  • Additional focus on Measure and Analyse phases
  • Application of methods using simulations and exercises
  • Project work

Coaching & Project WorkHalf Day + 20 Hrs

  • One to One support from an expert
  • Project work through all phases
  • Project submission, review and feedback
  • Certification

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People trained
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Modules of learning created
Amazing clients
Improvement projects completed
Awesome consultants who’ve worked for us

"The [Lean Training] course was great and I’ve come away from that with lots of energy and passion, I’m now looking forward to applying this to my work."

Fraud Controls Consultant, Financial Services

The consultant has been excellent throughout the time he has worked with my team. Together we have driven change and broken down barriers throughout the company and this has returned great results over the last year.

Service Team Manager, Medical Services

I feel LEAN is really valuable to any organisation and can give a fresh perspective to business processes that supports reduction in failure demand whilst balancing the needs of the customer and business.

Customer Service Manager, Medical Services

"I really enjoyed the session, it has given me a lot to think about with my coaching and a great new angle to approach performance. I would in fact say that I found it fascinating that we able to look at our calls in that amount of detail."

Team Leader, Call Centre, Financial Services

Team are very easy to work with and all have credibility and an engaging style. I've really enjoyed working with the team.

Program Manager, Medical Services

Our Approach to Lean Consulting

We utilise a wide range methodologies, tools and techniques to provide services to our clients. Some are well-known approaches such as DMAIC or PDCA, others are bespoke to Lean Consulting and have been developed and refined over the years to provide maximum results for our clients.

Our Approach

About Lean – Process Improvement

No doubt you are familiar with the term ‘Lean’. It’s become a popular terminology for change in today’s corporate culture.

About Lean

About Six Sigma

Six Sigma is an analytical approach to performance improvement and when used with Lean Management Techniques, it is a powerful tool for improving the performance of your business.

About Six Sigma

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