Not all processes are scalable. I’ll give you an example. I had a process that worked for us when we were a very small company. Where I would get all the transactions that happened in our corporate account and input them into a spreadsheet. It was a great process for me because I can track all where our money went, where all the spend went.

The problem is, if we fast forward 5 or 10 years later we’re a much bigger company now and our expenses are enormous and that same process of keying in those expenses just doesn’t work I don’t have the time to spend hours or days keying in information into the spreadsheet.

Now there’s a fairly simple solution I can get an extract from our software and let that do the work for me. The problem is, it meant re-engineering the spreadsheet that I had to track all that expenses because the way the extract works isn’t the way my manual data entry worked and so it took some time to manual data entry work and so it took some time to re-engineer how that works.

A recent client of ours, I saw a process being implemented where they had a new promotion and as part of that process, information was being keyed into a spreadsheet that was then handed off to back end team to fulfil. Now that process works fine when there are only 4 or 5 people doing it but the process fell over when it was 400 people doing it and the thousands of customers using the process. it was a process that just wasn’t scalable and one of the reasons why it was put in place is because of speed.

There was a deadline to get this promotion up and running. So sometimes speed is the enemy of good. What this process really needed was a process expert to look at its design how it would work in a safe and scalable way and then roll that out.

So how many of your processes that are still in operation today as simply not fit for purpose because they weren’t scalable? They worked fine when you were small when the volume was small but when the volume got bigger, they fell over and exposed all sorts of issues with quality, speed, accuracy, timelines, all sorts of issues.

You need to look at your processes and make sure that they fit for the purpose That they’re doing today.