Feedback is a gift. Now if that were true though, feedback would be more like a gift that we don’t like and we immediately return. It’s like here’s a new phone. Well, thanks for the new phone but actually the reason why we’re using the old phone is because we couldn’t our contract and by the way I am still happy with my phone.

Feedback is actually a gift that we’re really bad at receiving. When someone gives us information about how we could do better or how something affected them. That’s an opportunity to learn from that mistake or learn from that encounter or engagement.

Customer feedback is absolutely critical and yet the number of times that I see organisations who don’t read or listen to the verbatim feedback that’s given to them. It’s astounding.

We’re really good at looking at the scores. So if we score customer feedback, we’re doing great. We’ve got a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 27% or our customer service score is 4 out of 5 stars. But we’re really terrible at listening to what an individual has to say about how they experienced it. And so valuable because how many of your customers don’t bother to give you feedback. There’s lots and lots of customers that just go you know what? I’m just gonna take my business somewhere else. I’m not gonna bother to tell you why. And part of the reason they don’t bother to tell you why is they know you’re not going to listen to them.

I worked at a large organisation where they had lots and lots of feedback and they’re really good at classifying it and grouping it into different themes and one of these themes was Policy. So where the feedback was deemed to be the reason was a policy decision everyone just shrug shoulders and ah well it’s a policy decision we can’t do anything about that. But there are literally thousands and thousands of bits of negative feedback about the policy and you would think that this would spark someone to think differently maybe about policies that we have in place and hot that we communicate them or how we design them or how we implement them for our customers and yet they would just shoved aside.

Feedback is a gift and when you get that feedback from customers, it’s so so important that we listen to it. Same goes to staff. Staff surveys are another great example of being too focus on the metrics. A staff engagement went up from 72 to 75 percent. That’s great but what are people saying to you and what are you going to do differently that’s going to help that improve?