Welcome To Our Full Suite Of Lean Six Sigma Training.

Lean Six Sigma Training is a powerful collection of tools and techniques and principles that can help any organisation improve their processes and performance.

Learning the theory is quite easy – applying it is where the difficulty often lies. That’s why our Lean Six Sigma training courses are all focused on the practical application of Lean six sigma tools, techniques and principles. Whether you’re learning at one of our public classroom-based courses, at your workplace or utilising our state of the art online training – you’ll get to practise using tools and techniques with feedback from our experts.

There are many firms offering Lean Six Sigma training out there – but we practise what we preach. All our experts our practising consultants who daily work with our clients using Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques to implement improvements. Click on About Us to find out more about who we are.


Lean Six Sigma White Belt

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Advanced Belt

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Practitioner

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Advanced

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (For Green Belts)

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt


Introduction to AI Course

Introduction to RPA Course

Introduction to AI & RPA Course


Value Stream Mapping Masterclass

Root Cause Analysis Masterclass

Lean for Leaders Masterclass

Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ) Masterclass

Systems Thinking Masterclass

8 Wastes Masterclass

Kaizen Masterclass

Voice of the Customer Masterclass