A trained Lean Six Sigma professional is able to focus on the main issues of a business as they have learned to see the 8 Wastes within a wide range of business systems. Once identified, solutions can be developed to remove the waste, working toward more efficient and successful practices. A Lean Consultant will teach you to see along the way so you can continue to improve your own system long after they have gone.

8 Wastes Of Lean - Defects


Mistakes that require additional time, resources, and money to fix. In a manufacturing process, a defect might involve a defective part that has to be remade; or office paperwork that needs to be redone.

8 Wastes Of Lean - Overproduction


In some organisations, workers just blindly keep producing, even when those who receive their output either aren’t ready for it or don’t need it. Basically, what you end up with is too much stuff, too early, that the customer doesn’t necessarily want.

8 Wastes Of Lean - Waiting


When work stops for reasons such as needing approval, not having adequate materials, or a technical issue like failed equipment or a power outage, causing idleness for those workers affected.

8 Wastes Of Lean - Non-utilised or underutilised talent

Non-utilised/underutilised talent

Companies fail to recognise or utilise people’s talents, skills or special knowledge, not only are they missing the benefit of these resources, the underutilised are likely to become dissatisfied and may begin to perform poorly, or leave. This waste of talent happens when management is not responsive, does not assign tasks appropriately or does not train properly.

8 Wastes Of Lean - Transportation


Waste caused by moving things around. This is less of a problem in a business office than in a manufacturing plant, since most of what office workers “transport” can be sent by email these days.

8 Wastes Of Lean - Inventory


A surplus of materials has waste associated with the money spent, the time involved in handling, and space/storage requirements. In the service industry this can also include over staffing due to unrealistic customer demand projections.

8 Wastes Of Lean - motion


Simply having to move around too much can slow you down significantly. Poor workstation design or layout as well as processes that require doubling back rather than streamlined and efficient flow.

8 Wastes Of Lean - Excess Process

Excess Processing

Unnecessary effort (production or communication) which adds no value to a product or service.

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