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Lean Tools

There are many tools and concepts that lean companies employ to support the above principles and eliminate waste. Here are four that we find most helpful:

Column Chart

A simple template in PowerPoint for basic, simple and advanced column charts

8 Wastes Of Lean

5 Whys

A simple excel template to help you record your 5 why’s root cause exercise

Filtering Matrix

A fantastic template to plot and chart opportunities, each ranked by Speed & Impact

Pareto Chart

Provides a simple template to automatically create your own Pareto chart in excel

Lean Templates

Here you’ll find free, high quality Lean Six Sigma Training (DMAIC) templates from Lean Consulting for White Belts, Yellow Belts, Green Belts & Black Belts:

Balanced Business Scorecard

Typical measurements across 4 quadrants or aspects of business, with definitions of each measurement

8 Wastes Of Lean

Control Plan

A framework for a Control Plan which includes all the necessary information for sustaining improvements

Process Flows

A basic vertical flow chart structure and useful symbols in PowerPoint

Critical to Quality (CTQ)

Provides simple yet effective table for translating your Voice of the Customer feedback into KPIs