There are a lot of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training courses available out there – why should you choose our one?

We have created and finely tuned our course to be the highest quality course available in the marketplace – at a price that’s affordable.

When we say it’s high quality – here’s a few reasons why:

  1. We use Simulations in our course. Physically experiencing a poorly create process and then using the tools and techniques to fix it is a fantastic way to learn
  2. We use Exercises in our course. Again, nothing like learning by doing
  3. We deliver the training over a period of months so that you can learn and work on your project at the same time – by the end of the course, you’ve delivered a project (which is a requirement of the course)
  4. Our course was created by and is delivered by practicing Lean Six Sigma experts. Not trainers or academics – but people who actually use these tools and techniques to complete improvement projects. And they are still practising today – all our experts who deliver training, also still deliver improvement projects using the same very tools and techniques
  5. Over a dozen Lean Six Sigma experts have provided input into our course
  6. It’s been certified by the CPD
  7. It’s been certified by the IASSC
  8. It was aligned with both the Lean Competency System Framework (LCS) and the ISO 13053 framework
  9. We’ve trained over 4,000 people so we have a wealth of experience
  10. Our rating on the independently verified site is 4.81 out of a possible 5 stars (check it out here:

Some of the other courses out there in the marketplace are terrific. There are some really great quality courses out there on offer in the marketplace. The problem is – they are expensive. And just because it’s expensive is no guarantee that it’s a great quality course either – there are some terrible courses out there that charge a fortune for their terribleness.

Many of the companies that offer Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training have a few problems in our book:

  1. They train pretty much everything.

This makes them a jack of all trades and a master of none. Can you really expect to get the best Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training from a company that is supposedly also an expert at IT, Microsoft, Health & Safety, Prince II, Agile, Java, Web Design, Programming, Desktop Applications, and Infrastructure etc?

  1. They don’t deliver improvements themselves.

Many of the companies that provide Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training only provide training. They don’t personally deliver improvement projects. This often means that their “trainers” have no practical field experience or they used to deliver projects, but don’t any more. Either way, there is a distinct lack of relatable experience and examples that enrich the training experience.


  1. They can be really expensive.

Some of our competitors charge over £5,000 per person for their course. You know what you’re paying for there? – huge sales and marketing budgets and obscene profits. It’s costing these competitors roughly the same as it costs us to run a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course (why would the cost to run them be much different?) They are leveraging their huge sales and marketing budgets and brand recognition to relentlessly overcharge you.

We’re proud of our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course. We’ve had tremendously positive feedback from all our customers. We canvas their feedback for any ways in which we can improve our course – we practice what we preach so we’re always making small changes to the course to enhance the experience even further.

Lean Six Sigma is all we do. We’re not Agile Consultants. We won’t teach you all bout Health and Safety. You’re not going to learn Auditing skills or Occupational Health & Safety skills from us. All you will learn is Lean Six Sigma expertise.

We offer a lifetime of support to our delegates too. We’re always available over email or phone if you want to talk something through – Our experienced Lean Six Sigma experts are still in touch today with students from over 10 years ago!

We’re excited to be bringing our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course to the marketplace – we hope to see you or your colleagues on one of our Lean Six Sigma courses soon.

Try our Green Belt Advanced Course for just £499

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