There are a lot of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training courses available out there – why should you choose ours?

We have created and finely tuned our course to be the highest quality course available in the marketplace – at a price that’s affordable.

When we say it’s high quality – here’s a few reasons why:

  1. We use Simulations in our course. We’ve developed ways making our courses interactive around different types of problems such as flow or variation
  2. In order to certify we ask for completion of a Black Belt project back in the real world. We support this with guidance and support from experts long after the training course has finished.
  3. Our course was created by and is delivered by practicing Lean Six Sigma experts. Our experts have real world experience in a wide variety of organisations and know what it takes to deliver effective and sustainable change within service organisations
  4. We maintain a focus on leadership awareness and capability, something that not all other Black Belt courses even consider
  5. Our course is based on value add which means we don’t spend time training delegates in tools and techniques that they will never use in a service context. We know this because our experts were trained in many of these complex manufacturing methods years ago and have gained the experience in service around what is and is not required by a Black Belt
  6. We provide all of the tools required for free. We don’t train Black belts in the art of Minitab as we know this comes at an annual cost (approx. £1k) and is often overly complex for what’s required. That’s why we provide our Lean Six Sigma Black Belts with Excel based tools as we know pretty much everyone has access to this as a core tool within their daily work.
  7. It’s been certified by the CPD
  8. It’s been certified by the IASSC
  9. We’ve trained over 4,000 people so we have a wealth of experience
  10. Our rating on the independently verified site is 4.81 out of a possible 5 stars (check it out here:

Some of the other courses out there in the marketplace are terrific, but we feel that our course is unique in its approach to the subject of becoming a Black Belt.

We’re proud of our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course. We’ve had tremendously positive feedback from all our customers. We canvas their feedback for any ways in which we can improve our course – we practice what we preach so we’re always making small changes to the course to enhance the experience even further.

The lifetime of support that we offer to our delegates ensures they become the best Black belt they can be. Our experienced Lean Six Sigma experts are still in touch today with students from over 10 years ago!

We’re excited to be bringing our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course to the marketplace – we hope to see you or your colleagues on one of our Lean Six Sigma courses soon.

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