Performance Appraisals

The performance appraisal is a great way to understand how you have performed over the last review period. Unfortunately, these have been miss-understood over the years and there is all manner of poor behaviours and techniques out there in the marketplace.

We strip back the performance appraisal to look at how an individual is progressing against objectives and how well they are performing their role.

We don’t talk about bell curves. It’s not a ‘tell’ session where you get to unload your thoughts about someone.

We practise 360 feedback – your peers, your managers and your self to understand your current performance and what needs to happen next to either improve or continue your high performance.

360 degree feedback
feedback is a gift and shouldn’t be limited to your line manager

Performance Appraisals
not to be confused with bell curves and other nonsense. The performance appraisal is a meaningful conversation about performance

Giving Feedback
not everyone is inately good at giving feedback but it’s a skill that can be learned

Relationship Management
learn how to build effective relationships with colleageus

Evidence over emotions
emotional responses are normal but ultimately not effective in decision making in business

Engaging employees
learn how to engage employees so that they are motivated to perform well


Day 1

Your roles as a manager

  • Inputs + Relationships = Outputs
  • Giving feedback
  • 121 approach and preparation
  • 121 demo
  • SMART actions
  • What and Why preparation


Aligned to ISO 13053 Quantitative methods in process improvement – six sigma standard

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Project Completion


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