Managing Conflict

Whether you like it or not – conflict often appears in the workplace. Sometimes it’s direct and overt, but other times much more subtle.

Sometimes, people can be too passive when dealing with conflicts, allowing them to linger or remain unresolved. Other times, some people can be too bullish in dealing with a conflict.

The consequences of either approach can manifest themselves in other ways.

When working in change environments, conflicts can derail entire programmes of work or ensure funding is cut from a value project.

We teach you some core skills about dealing with conflict to help resolve issues with the minimum amount of effort and disruption.

Emotional responses
learn to recognise an emotional response as opposed to a rational one and how to avoid these

Conflict Resolution
no matter how nice you are, at some point you’ll encounter conflict in the workplace. Learn how to deal with this effectively

De-escalating conflicts
when a conflict arises, it’s important to understand how to setltle things back down effectively

Compromise & mediation
sometimes, comporosive and mediation can be the only way forward

Handling abusive behaviour
we’d all like to be treated the way we treat people, but sometimes you need to learn how to deal with poor behaviour

not to be confused with information. communication is ensuring that your information has been understood


Day 1

Surfacing issues

  • Poor communication
  • Identifying the root cause of the conflict
  • Effective language
  • Emotional responses
  • Agreeing actions


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