Lean Six Sigma White Belt

Perhaps online training is not quite what you’re aiming for but you want your staff to have a basic understanding of Lean Six Sigma.

This course won’t teach you about all the tools and techniques and how to apply them, but it will give you some of the background, key principles and 2 basic tools as a means of an introduction to Lean Six Sigma.

And that’s what its great for – an introduction to Lean Six Sigma. For those who are interested in learning more, then can progress to one of our Yellow Belt, Green Belt or Black Belt courses. 

In groups of 14 or less, we can run our short White Belt course at your workplace to help get the lean improvement conversation started in your organisation.

are 2 excellent approaches for managing improvement that come from the world of six sigma

5 Lean Principles
learn about the 5 Lean principles that are at the core of the Lean Philosophy

5 Whys
learn about this brilliant, yet simple root cause analysis technique to help with your problem solving

History of Six Sigma
Learn about where the six Sigma methodology comes from and it’s influences thoughout history

History of Lean
Learn about where the Lean philosophy comes from and it’s influences thoughout history

A Supplier, Inputs, Process, Outputs & Customer diagram is a fantastic way to understand your process at a high level


Lean Six Sigma White Belt

A short series of videos (12 in fact!) explaining some of the background and key principles of Lean Six Sigma is exactly what online training was built for!

Each video only runs from 3 to 8 minutes and has a couple of multiple-choice questions at the end to see if you’ve understood the content.

All our videos are professionally scripted, shot, animated and edited so you can sure you’re having a quality online training experience – rather than some poorly conceived voice-over slide show.

Online learning needs to be as engaging as possible, since watching TV is not typically a great learning experience.

Why not give it a go today?


Day 1

Online LearningHalf Day

  • Introduction to Lean and Six Sigma
  • Videos and exercises to consolidate learning
Day 2

Classroom Training1 Day

  • Awareness Training
  • Focus on 2 or 3 basic tools
  • Application of basic methods using simulations and exercises
  • Project work

Service Oriented

Specifically designed for the service environment – the right tools for the job

CPD Certified

This course offers 10 CPD Points – all of our Lean Six Sigma courses are CPD certified

DMAIC Tool Kit

Free set of tools that are excellent for solving technical complexity problems

Online Training

Free access to our online training platform during and after your course

Guaranteed Belt

Gain certification through completion of belt

Lean Support

Coaching from certified lean experts during and after your course