Value Stream Mapping Masterclass

Value Stream Mapping is one of the most effective techniques for understanding a process.

All processes tend to exhibit non value adding time and waste – a value stream map is simply a place where all of that data can come together in a single picture.

A Value Stream Map is great for identifying where we have variation in a process, where we have something preventing the flow of work, where we have waste and where we have actions that add no value to the customer.

As well as working through an exercise to build a good Value  Stream Map, we’ll also work through a real life process (chosen by the organisation) at your workplace and the delegates use their newly found skills to build an excellent Value Stream Map. We also discuss next steps and best practices for using the map to achieve real meaning full changes

Value Stream Map
is a great technique for visually repesenting how a process is operated

Non Value Adding Time
we’ll teach you how to identify non value adding activities in your processes

8 Wastes
we’ll teach you all about the 8 wastes, their definitions and how to spot them

we’ll look at one piece flow and how a poor flow can produce errors, rework and delays

Process Scope
essential to understand before process mapping is scoping your process out accurately

Process Data
we’ll teach you what data needs to be collected and analysed when looking at your process flows


Value Stream Mapping Masterclass

What better way to experience Value Stream Mapping online but through a hand drawn video!

We take you through the complete lifecycle of a Value Stream Mapping event in our online course – from preparation right through to next steps after your map is created.

We take the time to explain all the various components of what makes a good make, using a common process that you no doubt experience quite often – purchasing a coffee from a coffee shop.

Our 7-part video series on Value Stream Mapping will help you learn how to create a high quality value stream map – and all our training courses are optimised for all devices. All you need is a device and an internet connection!


Day 1

Scoping and Method

  • Preparation for a Value Stream Map event
  • Elements of a Value Stream Map
  • Process Data Box & Takt Time
  • Validating and Analysis of the map


Aligned to ISO 13053 Quantitative methods in process improvement – six sigma standard

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