Kaizen Masterclass

Kaizen simply means ‘good or peaceful change’ A better definition would be ‘continuous improvement’. It’s not a magic wand – it’s a way of delivering change in your organisation that focuses on the work itself, gets everyone involved and quickly implements changes (both big and small) in a structured way.

Another Japanese word you might hear is ‘Gemba’ – it means the real place. In Lean, when we say go to the gemba – we mean go to where the work is happening.

Kaizen is a collaborative team-based approach to continuous improvement. Rather than improvements happening to a team from outside the team – change happens from within.

It’s one of the most effective and sustainable improvement techniques around.

Kaizen workshops
a terrific approach for team-based improvement activity. Great for continuous improvement

Continuous Improvement
the goal of almost every organisation is how do we sustain this approach to improvement

Go to the Gemba
Gemba simply refers to the place where the work is done. Nothing is more powerful than observing processes being completed

Test & Learn
we’ll show you how to move fast and implement improvements at pace

Root Cause Analysis
it’s essential that you don’t treat symptoms when implementing imprvoements. The best improvements solve the root cause of a problem

Kaizen is all about teamwork. We’ll teach you how to collaborate as a team to get the most out of your improvement cycles


Day 1

Simulation of a broken process

  • The Gemba (workplace)
  • Team-based improvement
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Managing with Metrics


Aligned to ISO 13053 Quantitative methods in process improvement – six sigma standard

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Project Completion


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