Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ) Masterclass

Few things in life are perfect – the same goes for processes. There is almost always the chance something can go wrong.

 A poorly designed process can have many opportunities to go wrong. But what is often difficult to see, is the impact the poor quality has on your organisation.

In this workshop, we focus on unearthing the cost of the poor quality. We work through a case studying looking specifically at Repeat Contacts in a contact centre.

We work through a series of hidden impacts and look at quantifying the cost of each of these.

We also work through a real life process (chosen by the organisation) at your workplace and the delegates use their newly found skills to identify the Cost of Poor Quality apparent. We also discuss next steps and best practices for attacking the waste and removing it.

Cost of Poor Quality
look at the hidden costs that are caused by a lack of quality processing

Repeat Contacts
in our case study, we’ll look at an in-depth study of repeat contacts

Top 5 reasons for repeat contacts
we’ll examine the top 5 reasons fo rrepeat contacts

Recognising hidden costs
many times, the true cost of poor quality is hidden. We’ll teach you how to surface that hidedn cost

Quantifying impacts
we’ll help you to understand how to quantify the impact of poor quality

Hidden Wastes
we’ll look at the waste hidden inside poor quality processing


Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ) Masterclass

In this online training course, we walk you through a case study of uncovering the cost of poor quality in a contact centre where we have repeated contacts from customers.

We discuss clear definitions of the problem (what constitutes a repeat contact) and a number of methods for tracking the data.

We look at the cost of handling those calls more than once, the impact on complaints, gratuity payments and impact of  lost customers.

Our 5-part video series on Cost of Poor Quality  will help you learn how to identify and quantify the cost of poor quality at your workplace – and all our training courses are optimised for all devices. All you need is a device and an internet connection!


Day 1

Definition of Cost of Poor Quality

  • Back to COPQ
  • Repeat Contacts in a call centre
  • Impact on Complaints
  • Gratuity Payments
  • Lost Customers
  • Summary of issue and top 5 causes


Aligned to ISO 13053 Quantitative methods in process improvement – six sigma standard

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