Leadership Training

Are Leaders born or created? At Lean Consulting we understand that it can be both. For those people who aren’t a natural born leader (and even those who are) our course is geared to helping you make the most of your role as a leader in an organisation.

A leader isn’t necessarily the CEO. A leader doesn’t even have to be a manager. So what is a leader?

A Front line staff member can be a leader – especially when other front line staff members look to that person for advice or cue on how to behave or react.

In our course – you’ll learn what makes a great leader and what actions and behaviours drive success

Motivating People
motivation comes from within, but a good leader can also help build motivation in others

Inspiring People
learn how to inspire people with your passion, belief and insight

The importance of your message
people want to understand what and why from your message

Effective communication skills
a leader who can’t communicate is a rare thing indeed. Communciation is essential to go leadership

Delivery of a vision
all great leaders have a vision. They know where they want people to get to and why

Influencing skills
learn how to influence an outcome


Day 1

What makes an effective Leader

  • The role of a Leader in business
  • Trust & Clarity
  • Responsibility and accountability
  • Effective decision making techniques
Day 2

Creating a vision

  • Creating a strategy
  • Implementing your vision & strategy
  • Motivation of others
  • Communicating effectively


Aligned to ISO 13053 Quantitative methods in process improvement – six sigma standard

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