Communication Skills

Communication is not just about information – it’s about having that information understood by your intended audience. If you think you’ve communicate clearly, but your audience has not understood – then you haven’t communicated well enough.

It sounds like a simple thing, but how many issues are caused simply by poor communication skills?

In our course, we look at different methods of communication – their advantages and their pitfalls – and how to overcome these shortcomings to ensure that your audience has understood what information you are providing.

Whether you’re in a 121 meeting or giving a presentation to 1000s or cascading information to a team, communication skills are vital in today’s fast-past business world.

not to be confused with information. communication is ensuring that your information has been understood

The power of planning
fail to plan, plan to fail. Goes for communication plans too

Knowing your information
depening on your communication method, it can be vital to ensure you know your source material inside out

Keeping your audience engaged
whether you are presenting on stage or sending an email, you want to keep your audience enagegd on your message

Running productive meetings
we’ve all been to waste of time meetings – learn how to stop that from happening

Delivering great presentations
tell your story, connect with your audience, focus on the one thing you want them to walk away with


Day 1

Understanding communication

  • Types of communication
  • Your strengths and weaknesses
  • Planning a communication
  • Body Language and Language used
  • Understanding your impact


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