Why you can never find your keys

Why you can never find your keys

Where the *&%£ are my keys?

This used to happen to me, a lot. It is very annoying, frustrating and a complete waste of time.

It can sometimes feel like you are losing your mind but the truth is, you didn’t put them in their regular place, or worse, you don’t even have a regular place for your keys. They just land wherever you throw them.

The time you would have spent looking for your keys could have been better spent relaxing or doing something more enjoyable, or simply getting out of the house on time.

In our working lives, how many times have you wasted time looking for that file, that form, that report, or that Important Email you received a few months ago. Or maybe you’re tearing apart the office looking for some Post-It notes.

It sounds obvious to write, but if we keep everything sorted, straightened and clean, we’d have far fewer problems.