Select Appropriate Process for RPA

Why is it important to select appropriate processes for RPA?

Not every process can be automated.

Every organisation has processed, and some will have thousands! But, are all processes suitable for Robotic Process Automation (RPA)? The answer is no. Not all processes are suitable nor can be automated. Therefore, to save on valuable funding and resource, it’s vital to identify the appropriate candidate processes for RPA.

In this article, we will cover what some of the key characteristics are for a Robot (or ‘Bot’), and the reasons why is it important to select the right process to apply RPA:

The Characteristics of a ‘Bot’…
  • It is not an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution’. There will be preparation and work definition required prior to the Bot being built.
  • A Bot needs to be designed to conduct tasks just as how a human was trained to execute the job. The Bot will then have to run through testing to ensure that it’s doing what it should be doing
  • Although a Bot doesn’t need toilet or lunch breaks, a Bot doesn’t have an infinite capacity to carry out work. There is only so much work 1 Bot can carry out (although, a Bot can do the work of between 3-8 Full-time employee, and sometimes much more)
Why is it important to select the most appropriate process for RPA?
  • The groundwork, set-up and test of a Bot cost money. A chunk of this can be wasted if a Bot is deployed to a process that is not suitable to deliver what the organisation wants.
  • The selected process is the main contributor to the success and benefits of applying a Bot.

Complex process + low frequency + low volume + low business value = Less Effective

Simple + high volume + high frequency + high value process = More Effective

  • Clients that invest in the preparation, development, testing and implementation of a Bot want to see a high return on that investment. Therefore, it is important that the right processes are selected for the Bot, and that the Bot is loaded with value-add processes that keep the Bot 100% productive.
What type of processes should we look out for as candidates for RPA?
Ideal RPA Candidates