What is a Project Charter

What is a Project Charter?

The Project Charter is a one-page project overview that typically covers 5 or 6 areas and summarizes more detailed documents. It’s often one of the first deliverables required in a Leadership review and provides a reference throughout the project of your problem and goal.

The Project Charter has a few uses:

  1. To authorize the project in the Define stage. The sponsor must agree to this before proceeding 
  2. As a summary document for reference throughout Leadership reviews of your project 
  3. It is a baseline that can be used in team meetings and in change control meetings to assist with scope management 
  4. It’s an easy, simple and effective way to communicate to stakeholders

The Project Charter will usually cover:

  • The Business Case. The reasons for undertaking the project 
  • The Goal Statement. The objectives of the project and targeted benefits 
  • The Opportunity Statement. The direction of the solution 
  • The Project Scope. What’s in and what’s out of scope 
  • A High-Level Timeline. For progress and managing expectations 
  • The Core Project team

They don’t take long and they provide a standardised approach to communicating key information.