What do you use personality test for

What do you use Personality Test for?

It’s quite common for organisations to use ‘Personality tests’ or ‘Psychometric profiles’ as part of the recruitment process.

But, why…?

Do these companies base their hiring decision on the results of these tests?

Every client I’ve worked with who uses some form of personality testing tells me that they don’t actually use it to make a recruitment decision.

They all tell me it’s for better understanding the individual that is soon to be joining the organisation to help with their future development. It apparently also helps their future line manager understand what drives them and how to better manage them.


Firstly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a manager sit down and review the outputs of psychometric testing in order to better manage that staff member.

Secondly, if it is something that will be of help in the future, why is it a part of the recruitment process? If the process is really important to you, why not be a part of the Induction process?

How much time, effort and money are spent on personality testing in your organisation?

Is there anyone out there that uses this kind of testing as a key influencer when it comes to making a recruitment decision?

Are we really saying that only a very specific, certain type of personality will be successful in a role