Stakeholders, Shmakeholders

Stakeholders, Shmakeholders

When managing any type of improvement project one of our greatest assets (and liabilities) are our stakeholders.

These are the people that can influence the rise and fall of our project depending on how positive our relationships with them are and how we manage their expectations and objectives throughout the project.

So why are they so important? And what can we do?

A stakeholder is important because as someone who stands to either gain or lose through your endeavours, they can and will exert influence over the project objectives and outcomes. As such, we must seek to manage this influence and steer them steadily to ensure we stay on the path to success.

Stakeholder management must never, therefore, be an afterthought and must be planned, managed and intelligently guided through and over many obstacles

Keep Satisfied
So here are my ‘Top 5 Tips’ to get you started on managing your stakeholders and steering them through the peaks and troughs of your project: