Automation Anywhere

Pros and Cons of Automation Anywhere

What you need to know about Automation Anywhere

We use Automation Anywhere software to develop Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for leading financial services, business process outsourcing, healthcare, and insurance companies. What that really means, is that we help organisations create and maintain a digital workforce composed of software bots that complete business processes end-to-end. Along with Automation Anywhere, we use a range of different software to create automation for our clients, all of which have their benefits and drawbacks. In this blog, we will highlight the features of Automation Anywhere in relation to the industry.

When using Automation Anywhere for your Robotic Process Automation technology, bots can run both attended or unattended. This means that a bot can be used to assist a staff member in real-time by doing something faster and perfectly, or they can run unattended in the background on a virtual server, working through their backlog of work with no one watching.

Control Room is a great feature of the Automation Anywhere software that provides a secure RPA command centre that allows easy and efficient management, scheduling, execution and analytics of bots. If you’re running unattended bots particularly, this is a really helpful function.

One of the features we love most in Automation Anywhere is an action called Object Cloning. Object Cloning is very reliable and can be very useful for targeting a range of application and web-based controls. You can easily find controls and paths to a whole host of search criteria from drop-down boxes to text fields. With object cloning, you can hover your mouse and click the element you wish your automation to interact with.

Training and experience will greatly enhance the quality and longevity of the bot. This ensures good code and consistent objects; being able to edit the select search criteria’s such as Name, Type, HTML Properties and DOMX Path is highly recommended to ensure good and effective performance.

Automation Anywhere integrates well with a multitude of applications, so you can easily automate business repetitive tasks, allowing you to create and deploy processes end-to-end with a digital workforce of software robots that complete activities in real-time.

Automation Anywhere has built-in source control integration which allows users and developers to avoid having to go through any third-party support, allowing you not to have to separate procedures. You can use Checking in and checking out tasks right from within the Automation Anywhere Enterprise Client. Automation Anywhere allows you to make edits and uploads and undo your checkouts ensuring secure infrastructure with clear segregation.

Debugging in Automation Anywhere Enterprise will highlight the error line on the task and will enable you to resume with the ability to find and detect issues within the logic. However, RPA competitors have developed an architecture that will also highlight run tasks (whereby task will call upon another task).

Overall, Automation Anywhere Enterprise is a leader in the industry, boasting many great and useful features from object cloning, to image recognition, debugging and user experience.