Lean vs Six Sigma

Lean vs Six Sigma

When people first start to hear about Lean and Six Sigma, I am often asked which one do you choose?

Lean brings you a strategy for achieving significant improvement in performance through continuous elimination for ALL wastes of time and resources and the total business process. However, Lean alone cannot bring a process under statistical control.

Six Sigma gives you a rigorous, disciplined, organisational wide approach to improve products and services based on customer expectations. However, Six Sigma alone cannot deliver continuous and dramatic improvements in process speed and flexibility.

To reach true Operational Excellence, it’s a journey and for true sustainability, a combination of both methodologies is key.

So my starter for ten in choosing which one will work for you right now, here are some of the differences:

The difference between Lean and Six Sigma – The Complimentary approach

Lean vs Six Sigma