Is your company hearing impaired…?

Does your company actually listen to what your customers are saying? I don’t mean this is some sort of abstract sense, I mean do you really listen to all the things customers tell you and use that information to drive improvement? No…?

Understanding the Voice of the Customer (VoC) is essential to any business. And you don’t hear people saying ‘…we actively ignore what our customers tell us, they are really not important to us’.

So why doesn’t it happen?

Because it’s not easy. You get feedback from so many disparate sources, it’s hard to pull it together. You might get feedback in the form of a Complaint, A tweet, a recommendation, a referral, in a letter, on a phone call, in a survey, from a focus group, the list goes on… It is really quite a challenge pulling useful, useable data from these sources.

But you need to understand what it is your customers expect from you, and what will delight them. If you spent time making your customers’ experience match or exceed their expectations, you will see an increase in profitability through more customers, more sales and retaining your existing customers.

Here’s to listening to what our customers are telling us…