Human Behaviour

Human behaviour is fascinating!

On my LinkedIn feed recently was a blog article by Phillip Neho where he was writing about all those silly math problems that people comment like or share on social media.

The article was a pretty decent attempt at explaining the different reactions people have to this latest fad.

But the really interesting thing was that he used a picture of a math problem as his banner image for his blog post…. As of writing this, he’d had 1,087 likes and 4,602 comments.

Guess what all the comments were? I’ll give you a hint – they weren’t comments discussing his viewpoint on why people feel the need to share or react to math problems…

That’s right – all the comments were people ‘solving’ the math puzzle shown in the image. People are so desperate to answer the math puzzle and seek validation for their intelligence that they don’t even read the post.

Phillip hilariously suggests that “if people would like to show their mathematical prowess, maybe they should join a group and share it quietly”

But 4,602 people ignored the post that was gently criticizing them for commenting on Maths problems and went straight to solving the Maths problem.

People are fascinating.