Digital Transformation Strategy

How to effectively execute your digital transformation strategy

Digital Transformation has been a corporate buzz term for the last 5 years.

Like any latest trend, people have taken an incredibly macro-level concept. They just throw it on any damaged business as the silver bullet we’ve all been waiting for to a point where most SME’s see digital transformation as a fairy tale.

Here’s 5 reason why it doesn’t work:

  • Digital Transformation is not the collection of technology mashed together.
  • There has been no strategy for change developed
  • Senior Management have driven requirements rather than people on the ground
  • The entire system of operations hasn’t been considered.
  • They looked to emulate what their competition is doing

So, how to effectively execute your digital transformation strategy?

  1. Talk to your customers; both internal and external – what’s not working? Why doesn’t it work? What’s the impact?
  2. Test that what you have been told is correct. Have you observed this? Why did this happen?
  3. Tell your people what you have found. Create engagement.
  4. Develop short, medium- and long-term solutions with the business and customers.
  5. Test quickly – fail fast
  6. Measure the success – is this solving the problems diagnosed at the start?

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