Customer Experience (CX) Strategy

How engaged is your Customer Experience (CX) Strategy?

POP” the bottle opens, “CLICK” the kettle has boiled……

Whatever the sound is you associate with your favourite drink, the time is now to position yourself in your favourite seat as the clock ticks ever closer to your favourite programme starting again on the TV. The 1 hour a week where you lose yourself, you switch off from the outside world and dive into that reality to feel everything the characters feel, you laugh, you cry, you shout and in 60 minutes time, you are exhausted but crave to do it all over again.

The emotion that underpins you is feeling towards this program when the outside world is switched off when you are fully engrossed. It could be a film just as easily as a TV programme, that’s not what is important, you have an emotional attachment for that period with what is going on. Is it possible to create an attachment like this to your customers? or advocacy from your customers that they think of you in this way too

In my last article I spoke about aligning employee engagement strategy with your customer experience one I mention that I am a firm believer are in the person who does the work know and doors most about it and Backmede dad about the person who knows more about what they want and the person who is buying it emotion Miller catchment to your products and services and business purpose is watch do you want to try to get from employees and customers alike If title engaged is your customer experience strategy how many people are bought ins

Definition of ‘Emotion’ a strong feeling deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.

cross you are fully and grass and bought it to what is about to want faults a bite to unbolt they wouldn’t that type of emotion be amazing to get them all and twice what I am not saying here is that is possible for everyone buying to this but what can you do could do to engender emotion into your work stuff

In my last post, I spoke about the value of the alignment between your Employee Engagement and Customer Experience Strategies