How do you find LSS Projects

How do you find Lean Six Sigma Projects?

One of the things I’m often asked is, how do you find good Lean Six Sigma projects? More often again, is can you help train our staff to be able to better uncover good Lean projects? 

There are some really, really simple tricks to finding good projects.

  1. Follow the money 
  2. Follow the volume (most likely where the money is) 
  3. Seek out complexity

The more money spent on completing a process, the bigger your potential gains. It’s basic math. I can make a 50% improvement on a 60-minute process that is completed once a week by 1 person. Or I can make a 5% improvement on a 10-minute task that is completed 1,000s of time by hundreds of people every day.

It’s the same principle for volume and complexity.

And what do you typically look for…?

There are lots of things you could look for when looking for a good LSS project. But here are 3 things that I pretty much always look at first when trying to find good opportunities in a business:

  1. Failure Demand 
  2. Non-value added activity 
  3. 8 Wastes

What do you think? Does anyone else have any other hints and tips when it comes to finding good solid improvement projects?