Great Delivery Service

Great Service Delivery

‘Great Service Delivery’ Transcript

00:00:06:24   Hi everyone! My name is Ben Hart. I am a consultant for Lean Consulting

00:00:13:02   and I want to put together a little video around an observation I had

00:00:17:20   from my personal trainer. So just after Christmas, I put on a bit of Christmas weight

00:00:23:10   and I wanted to lose it so, I got in touch with my friend. who’s a PT and

00:00:28:03   he does a few things in the fitness world. One of the things I took away;

00:00:33:12   I never really assumed that they really understand what a really good service

00:00:36:12   delivery was. Despite a huge industry and with him being an independent

00:00:40:22   trader. I never really give credit to him. One of the things I found really amazing

00:00:48:19   was one of the core principles of great service delivery day-to-day

00:00:53:11   and they don’t know all the terminology. He didn’t catch any Kaizen from me

00:00:58:20   but he understands the principles of great service delivery and how it applies to me.

00:01:06:23   So, when we were talking about what I wanted to achieve which I’ve got a few things

00:01:10:15   like weight loss, muscle gain and general fitness inquiries and what he did was

00:01:15:07   put a set of measures that are aligned to what I wanted so he’d measure the

00:01:21:03   circumference of my stomach, my tummy – not actually my inside stomach.

00:01:28:10   And things like how I run. I run 5k. How much I could lift, and these are

00:01:35:00   outcomes you want to achieve. How are you going to achieve them?

00:01:38:14   What will it take for you to get more muscle? To be fitter? To lose weight?

00:01:43:20   So, we agreed on some things I need to do day in and day out to deliver that

00:01:47:23   different things like my calorie intake, the amount of protein I eat, the amount

00:01:52:19   of carbohydrates I eat, how much exercise I do, you know, high intensity

00:01:58:18.  training, weightlifting. These are the thing he set up for me so basically

00:02:03:20   he set up a few different apps on my phone that allowed me to measure myself

00:02:07:14   daily about the food that I intake and at the end of the week he measures me

00:02:12:16   and says you know, “we want to achieve X, Y and Z this week. You know,

00:02:15:19   and a 2lbs. Weight lost, and you achieved that, great! When I’m looking at your

00:02:21:19   food intake, I can tell see that you’ve eaten 1,800 calorie per day which is great

00:02:27:23   and you’ve eaten the right protein. It’s good. But then some weeks, he’s like

00:02:33:18   well you can see here that you actually put on a bit of weight this week.

00:02:37:03   let’s look at what you did, well I can see on average you ate 3,000 calories a day

00:02:43:12.  and let’s have a look at why that was. Right, you went out for beers a few times here

00:02:50:06.  and had a few pizzas. It shouldn’t be surprising to you that you haven’t achieved

00:02:56:15   the outcome you wanted because the inputs are not within what we agreed”.

00:03:01:10.  I thought it was really good that even in the fitness industry, something I never

00:03:07:18   thought of before they apply principles like input, throughput, output and

00:03:12:24   measuring those to achieve outcomes that you want, and he said to me,

00:03:19:16   it’s sustainable. Because we were talking about when you have a bad day.

00:03:26:16   right, so the week I went out for beers. Well I went out for beers on Tuesday

00:03:33:01   with a client, it was good fun and I’ll start again next week. Alright?

00:03:37:23   He said “yup! Absolutely! Just like at work when you say you want to do these

00:03:42:17   ten things today but you only want to 8 of them and you think I’ll just leave

00:03:44:23   the rest of the week and I’ll come back to it next week.

00:03:47:10   you don’t want to do that do you? But what you actually do is think okay so,

00:03:51:19   I’ve had a bit of slippage there, what can I do to pull that back? Is that gone or

00:03:56:16   can I try and redeem that? He said “the next day you wake up and think,

00:04:01:13   well I had an extra 1,000 calories in beers there, I’ve got four days left of the week

00:04:06:15   why don’t I reduce my calorie intake by 250 calories a day and try to eat like

00:04:13:01   whole vegetables and healthy protein for the rest of the week

00:04:19:04   and it was a really great lesson and never really thought of managing my body

00:04:27:00   the way I manage a business. I always just thought that it was a quick fix

00:04:32:02   like the silver bullet. I can just not eat carbohydrates for the rest of my life

00:04:38:17   and I’ll be great. So, I think it’s really great that you can see tried and tested

00:04:44:09   methodologies and applied to any principles on the planet and It works.

00:04:49:24   So, next time you think I’m want to lose some weight, think about leaning

00:04:55:24   (by nature) your body think about measuring what you put in it and measuring

00:05:01:19   the outputs and demonstrating progress.