How Important is Trust

Exactly how important is trust?

If there is no trust in your workplace, what would you stop doing?

I have 2 small children but most of our family lives in Australia. If we ever want to enjoy a night out, we need a babysitter.

So exactly how important is trust?

The most important thing ever. We’re fortunate to have a friend who is natural when it comes to looking after children. My kids love her. It’s not a coincidence that she is studying teaching, she has a natural aptitude for it.

And so my wife and I are lucky. We’ve never had to worry about our babysitter and we trust her implicitly.

What about work… How important is trust in the workplace?

Do employee’s trust the CEO who announces the next round of cost efficiencies won’t result in any more layoffs? Or do they all start hitting the job boards…?

Do you have the appropriate system access you need to do your job or do you constantly have to get a manager to sign something off?

Does approval to spend any amount of money have to go to the head of the department, because employees aren’t trusted enough to make a simple goodwill payment or refund a charge?

What effect does a lack of trust have on the company’s culture? What about Innovation…? Employee Engagement..? Productivity..?

If we didn’t have a babysitter we trusted, we would simply stop going out. If there is no trust in your workplace, what would you stop doing?