Everything is Changing

Everything’s changing, but perhaps not as much as we think

So this graphic popped up on my newsfeed a few times recently.

I like its overall idea – in the new century, things are changing and we need to change with them.

But I’m not sure the details shown here really match reality.

For example, is the author of the graphic saying that in the 21st Century we’ll completely do away with top-down hierarchies? Because that’s not going anywhere. Pretty sure if we look at business in 100 years, top-down hierarchies will still dominate business structures.

Or this one: ‘Work-Life balance’ will be replaced with… wait for it… ‘Life-work’. Everybody sigh contentedly.

Say goodbye to competing for Market Share! No one’s going to bother doing that in the 21st century, no siree, it’s creating your own market time from now on.

But my absolute favourite is the last one. ’30 Years in One Career’ is being replaced by ‘10+ Careers by 40’. I can’t help but think they have confused the term ‘career’ with ‘companies’.

I can totally see how people may have worked for one company for 30 years, and I can see how someone nowadays might work for 10 different companies by the time they’re 40.

But 10 different careers…? That’s people switching entire careers (not jobs) every 2 years.

I don’t think we’re saying goodbye to anything on this list. However, I do think the future will be more complex as we introduce all these new things alongside how we’ve been working for the last few hundred years.

What do you think? Are we saying goodbye to these 20th Century ideas and work practices?