Damn you Brontosaurus!

Thanks, scientists.

Today’s post was supposed to be about things we believe to be true are often not true and that myths propagate very easily throughout both our society and business.

I had this whole piece about the Brontosaurus to illustrate my point. You see, it never really existed but for a few years at the turn of the last century. In the race for 2 particular archaeologists to shower themselves in everlasting nerdy glory for discovering the most dinosaurs, one of these guys incorrectly announced a new type of dinosaur (the Brontosaurus) when it was just another Apatosaurus.

You can read all about the “Bone Wars” here – it’s quite interesting.

Despite this mistake being corrected by scientists in 1903, the Brontosaurs became an enduring icon of the dinosaurs and constantly referenced in pop culture – despite having never existed.

I often prepare my posts for a few days in advance. I had intended on posting this ranty piece today, about how we often jump to conclusions and believe things that are wrong, when THIS MORNING I read in the NY Times that palaeontologists have indeed, rediscovered the Brontosaurus.

I was going to point out how it’s amazing how long incorrect information can prevail as the ‘truth’. If something is said for long enough, it becomes the truth, even when it isn’t. And are there any prevailing ‘myths’ in your workplace?

So… Um… I guess sometimes you can be wrong but then it turns out you are right again. I think. Or sometimes you can be right than wrong and then right again.

Or, sometimes analogies suck.

I guess if I was going to salvage anything from this blog piece it’s this: it’s ok to be wrong. The trick is to admit you were wrong (I was wrong) accept the new information and move on.

Thanks, scientists, thanks.