Customer Experience

What Brian the taxi driver can teach us about customer experience

How important is customer service to your company?

I have been working out in Dublin since early December last year. This means lots of trips to and from the airport. It also means lots and lots of taxis.

We met Brian one Friday afternoon when we booked a car to take us to the airport to fly home for the weekend and he happened to pick up the job.

Right off the bat, Brian was personable and friendly, really cheerful (which honestly isn’t a given where cabbies are concerned), and his car was immaculate (again, not a given). Brian dropped us off and that was that.

Fast forward to Monday when we were returning to Dublin, we land, book a car, and who should turn up to collect us… Brian. We had a good chuckle at the coincidence and explained that we’re making the same journeys week in week out – he gave us his number and agreed to collect us for the return leg at the end of the week.

We’ve travelled with Brian many times since then, and it’s always a pleasure. He makes a point to remember when we are coming in and going out and texts us to see if we need him. He remembers the things we talk about and makes a point to ask about stuff we mention. Brian has great chat and he even goes out of his way to check on how Lee’s football team are doing so that they can talk about it in the car (trust me he goes out of his way, Lee supports Chorley!!). It’s honestly difficult to articulate just how ace Brian is, and what a pleasure it is to be a passenger in his car, and that is why I would choose to travel with Brian ahead of anyone else, every time gave the option.

Now, I absolutely get that the reason this guy does what he does is likely to maximise his earning potential. I am certain Brian is abundantly aware of how his demeanour and behaviour impacts the amount of work he gets and subsequently, the number of euro’s he is banking at the end of the week. Brian is a businessman when all said and done, so it makes sense that he would take steps to improve and grow his business.

The point here is that I would happily change my insurer, my energy provider, my broadband provider, the hotels I stay in and the places I go to eat at the drop of a that if it means I get better and easier customer experience (all else being equal)…. but Brian is and will remain my first choice in Dublin for getting from A to B.

Many businesses overlook the importance of Customer Experience and focus only on the core service provision. This is especially true in my experience of taxi and car services; most of these guys focus solely on getting you from point A to point B and do not consider that your experience between those two points could impact their future revenue. I expect that they will continue to get business just because of the nature of the industry, but I wonder if they will ever catch up to Brian…

What does your Customer Experience/Retention strategy look like?