Customer Care can be complicated

Customer care can be difficult

customer care can be difficult

People get frustrated with Customer Care or the level of Service provided by companies – especially when it’s a call centre providing the service.

But I have some sympathy for Customer Care… Customers could be calling about anything or asking you about anything. In my years as a call centre agent, no matter how long I worked, you’d seen it all or heard it all – there was always something new, something you’d never been asked before.

So given your customers could ask anything – how do you possibly train your staff to handle everything?

The answer, of course, is that you don’t. You can’t.

So you train your staff in a bunch of things like How To Use The System and This Is What Our Products Do, maybe give them some soft skills like objection handling, rapport building etc and off you go (I’ve just described 99% of all call centre training). But this training is never enough.

A common complaint from Team Managers is that their staff don’t know what they need to know when they come out of training.

So what exactly do they need to know…?

And this is the gap. Few companies measure why customers call, what they call about, what actions are required, what information was provided. If they did, you’d start to get a great picture of everything your agents needed to know.

You probably wouldn’t attempt to train it all at once. But if you measured what you needed, you’d be able to start with the higher volume queries first and train the more complex but lower volume queries later.

You could even structure your centre so that there were ‘levels’ of experience based on knowledge and ability (not just tenure) where people who have a higher level of skill are paid at a higher rate.

Understand why your customers call – train your staff in the highest volumes first.