Being a Green Belt is Hard

Being a Green Belt is hard

You’re the talent that has been undiscovered in the business for too long, but then, along came the Green Belt programme and you were discovered!

Your organisation wants to develop leaders and uncover hidden talent while improving the bottom line and you have been chosen.  You’re ready to step up, make your mark and take charge of implementing positive changes in the company.

So how can you ensure you achieve success?

Firstly, know your role:
  1. As a Green Belt (GB) you will work independently and typically across functional boundaries on strategically important processes
  2. Your primary role will be as an implementer of change
  3. If it’s not your full-time job, you typically would spend a minimum of 20% of your weekly time on your improvement role
  4. You will also play a part in identifying opportunities for future benefits across the business
  5. You will be required to effectively apply the DMAIC methodology to deliver benefits
  6. Your coaching support should be provided through experienced black belts, or making use of an online community of experts (like ours!)
  7. Your reporting line should remain the same however additional temporary accountability to the project sponsor may be assigned
Secondly, know the Success factors. Here are my top ten:
  1. Have a passion for process and people
  2. Advocate the customer, always
  3. Use change leadership, the process is not enough
  4. Communicate communicate communicate
  5. Get business acumen
  6. Learn Project Management
  7. Be results orientated
  8. Be a team player and leader
  9. Always work with trust and integrity
  10. Persevere

Lastly, get certified.

Certification will come through proving your competence by completing several successful projects. This will help you increase your profile, build on your key skills and help your career accelerate and soon that newly discovered talent will really be making a difference.

Go Team Greenbelt!