Been there, done that.

When training, I often come across sceptics, who repeat the mantra, ‘We have tried that before and failed’, ‘No one will use this, the company are not really interested’. So how do you manage these sceptics? And manage their resistant behaviour in training?

I use 3 things.

My approach is to facilitate learning by actively listening to the training group to quickly understand why they are here and ‘WIIFT’. Understanding ‘What’s In It For Them’ will help you understand their wants and needs and ultimately why they may be resistant to anything new in your training. I then blend in positive thinking to start to communicate why the training will make things better for them. This may be in the form of learning new skills that will lead to improved performance and so lead to better roles or better pay. It may be learning new skills to make a difference or the ability to create more autonomy in their jobs, either way, knowing WIIFT will help you tailor how you communicate the positive attributes of training for them.

In addition, I use influencing. One fantastic statistic to help influence or ‘pull’ others along is that you are always likely to have 20% who are open and willing to get involved and learn new things, 60% who will sit on the fence and 20% who will view things negatively. To influence others, use the power of this statistic to engage your 20%. They will then help you manage and pull over the 60% (who could be influenced negatively). You will then find yourself in a room with 80% of people working with you. Naturally, the power of the majority (80%) will help bring over your remaining 20% as no one likes to feel left out.

This should then drive you to a room full of engaged people.

Ta-Dah! Well done you.