New Low in Customer Service

A new low in Customer Service

This really happened.

My wife wanted to set up postal voting with our local council (I do it as I travel a lot for work – it’s much more convenient). I called up and was told by the Customer Service Advisor:

“We’re really busy at the moment. Could you email us about it in a few months?”

And hung up. Seriously. I wish I’d recorded the call.

I understand the issues facing local government. The ever increasing burden of Adult Social Care for an ageing population against an ever-shrinking budget.

But how out of control is this department if the Customer Service Advisors are telling customers to go away and try again in a few months…?!

It gets worse too.

You see, I had called up a week earlier and requested the application forms be sent to us. The rather helpful chap I spoke with understood my request and was happy to arrange for them to be sent.

When the mail came – instead of a postal vote application form, it was a proxy vote application form – a totally different thing.

So what prompted my wife’s call into their call centre was 100% due to Failure Demand.

Perhaps if they spent some more time reducing errors and looking at ways of eliminating unnecessary calls into the call centre, they wouldn’t need to tell customers to go away and try again in a few months when we’re not so busy.

Vote Quimby.