10 years ago, iPhones and Apps didn’t even exist. In June 2007, Apple released the first iPhone that changed everything in terms of how we interact.

Nearly 10 years on, companies are still trying to figure out how this new interaction fits in with their service offering, legacy systems and customer requirements.

Coupled with that – the Digital Industry is moving so fast that sometimes things change faster than an organisation can keep up.

Our experts have observed poor customer experiences from the lack of a considered User Interface and developed new designs for in-house developers to implement.

We have our own internal web development team that helps us create our own training platforms, but can also help our clients rapidly deploy new capabilities.

Or perhaps you need to migrate of snail mail and provide servicing or sales communications through a range of media, reducing cost and improving the customer experience. Whatever the digital demand – we can help.

Web Development

Our in-house development team can help develop internal and external webpages, quickly and easily.

App Development

Or perhaps you need to rapidly develop and deploy an app to keep pace with the competition?

User Experience (UX)

Whether you’re building a new system, or tailoring a CRM, understanding how your users will interact with the system is critical to success

Social Media

If you need a social media strategy, or simply help to manage a large presence, we can help

Web Development


Need to get a service online?

Our in-house development team can rapidly design web-based interfaces and forms on both external and internal internet sites.

Some of our clients are using out-dated website to fulfil client needs, but they are integrated with internal systems, so there is a reluctance to alter them.

We can help you resign APIs and interfaces, considering the customer experience (CX) so you customers are getting the services they expect.


Or a Content Management System deployed?

Content Management Systems, done properly empower your non-technical business users to be able to update and maintain websites without technical support.

We have experience in working with different CRMs as well as building our own bespoke CMS’s for clients.

We also have our own internal Learning Management System (LMS) that we are able to deploy and customise for clients.


Responsive design & Accessibility

Responsive design isn’t optional. In 2015, we saw mobile online usage eclipse pc-based usage.

But companies have been slow to optimise for mobile devices, particularly for complex integrated systems.

We can help optimise your sites for any device – ensuring you aren’t missing vital search engine traffic and users.


Beautiful Design

Functionality and coding is obviously important, but beautiful design can make the difference between a good site and a great one.

With our internal design skills, or our carefully selected design agency partners, we can help you translate your compelling customer offering into something that people want to buy or use.

App Development


Gather Requirements

We take the time to understand what you want and what you really need


Design UX

Identifying user types and expectations, we build wireframes and mockups



Code the Front End and then develop the back end configuration and integration (APIs)



Rigorous testing across devices to ensure the app works as intended



Marketing, social media, internal comms and roadshows to get your app out into the marketplace



What happened? Is the app being used as intended? Has usage uncovered further development opportunities?

User Experience (UX)

In our experience, this is one of the most under-considered areas of digital development. More often than not, the way something works is constrained by how it was originally developed.

But that’s backwards.

How it works should be based on what your design requirements are…

Many time, we’ve identified a lack of self-service or sales uptake on digital customer propositions wholly because of the poor User Experience.

The reason this is so poor is often the same.

“We didn’t really design the User Experience, we left it to the back end developers”.

When initiating a project to develop an app, organisations tend to focus on the back end development.  Questions like:

  • How will connect to our system?
  • How will it display the right information?
  • How will the API work?
  • What will the app do?

But few companies take the time to understand what your customers want and how they will want to interact with your digital solution.

A well designed application can increase sales, customer satisfaction and retention, simply by considering how the user(s) will interact with the application.


Social Media

Social Cloud

Your customers will talk about you across whatever social media platform they decide. You need to decide whether or not to join that conversation.

Sometimes, what matters isn’t that you’ve made a mistake, but what really matters is how you respond to that mistake.

They could be complaining about you on a subreddit and would you even know?

Moreover, even if you have a presence on social media and are monitoring it there are a number of operational challenges this presents. We can help you to understand how to:

  • Effectively manage the completion those transactions
  • Measure quality and consistency of the responses
  • Migrate the conversation across channels seamlessly
  • Ensure that the customer experience is consistent
  • Manage regulated complaints through multiple channels