Lean Six Sigma courses designed and delivered by Lean Consulting are unique, our blended knowledge of Lean, Lean Six Sigma, Systems Thinking, Intervention Design complemented by our MS Excel-based statistical package with lifetime support are what makes our courses Best in Class. Our accredited courses are worth up to 160 CPD points and you can feel confident that our courses have everything you need to deliver successful improvement and change.

For businesses sending people to our Lean Six Sigma courses you have made a wise choice, not only are we very competitive on the actual course price, backed up with our free MS Excel package, meaning the tools used can be deployed in the workplace. Many providers of courses recommend you purchase a temporary version of expensive software for the duration of the course. This short term solution only leaves the delegate without the tools they need back in the workplace. Some of the software is renewed on an annual basis, with current rates of £1300.00 for the first year and £730.00 to upgrade to the latest version, should you not have the latest version. That price is for One Licence only!

Our trainers are all practising Lean Six Sigma change consultants, specialising in Service Sector and Servicing in Manufacturing and Repair companies. When we teach, we fully understand the operational challenges and therefore we deliver our training in an up to the moment way, pulling on our experiences to explain relevant points to help cement the learning.

Taking the Six Sigma concept and applying it to Service sector work requires subtle touches to make the concepts work. Our training materials help you to do so, and all of our material makes great reference material, should you need it. Where your course includes a ‘project’, then we will help and guide you through it.

If you look on our website you can see the feedback from previous delegates following the training they’ve had with us, we are very proud of our scores out of five!

We have big plans for our delegates, we want them to be connected to us and themselves, we plan to run Lean Six Sigma alumni events to bring the delegates back together to update and inform themselves of successes and of lessons learnt.