Using Lean Consulting’s Lean Six Sigma training will open the minds of whoever attends and enable them to quickly grasp operational challenges and build successful strategies to alleviate those challenges, all backed up by consultants’ support forever.

Our unique training of Lean Six Sigma has been designed and built by practitioners of change, we are all operational change agents and have honed our skills collectively since the 1990s. Our experience in the work is current, we work in clients every day, so we understand the operational challenges in the real world. We have developed our training to be based around a handful of simulations, these provide memories and points of reference for delegates. We have built a completely unique excel based statistical support package into our Lean Six Sigma training, it has the power to build regression analysis models and all the complexity used by Master Black Belts, as well as a stripped-down IX chart with a histogram version for less intense Lean Six Sigma training courses.

If you attend our Green Belt course upwards you’ll be doing a project to support your learning, we can help you in the project selection, should you need us to. Where the scope of the project allows, we aim to make savings to you or your organisation way beyond the fee for the course, effectively making our course a cost-saving to your organisation.

Our Lean Six Sigma courses are framed to build better organisational leaders who gain a Six Sigma accredited award, we help them learn about Chris Argyris’s ‘Intervention’ skills and Gerry Egan’s ‘Skilled Helper’, to develop a more rounded change agent who can smoothly help their organisation.

We see almost ‘evangelical’ change agents from other training and we realise their enthusiasm is great, whilst their dogma and attitude to leaders are less good, often they use their knowledge as a power against their organisation. We prevent that happening by our insightful ‘other-centred’ training, NO ONE ELSE in the marketplace is delivering this.

In summary, Lean Consulting’s Lean Six Sigma courses deliver class-leading training, developed within the Service Sector, and therefore perfect for Service organisations and Manufacturers who have Customer facing aspects of their business. The cost of the course can be quickly recouped by delegates delivering a project supported by our very experienced consultants. The course can be used to develop potential and current business leaders. Individuals looking to develop their own career will benefit from our independently accredited courses.