At Lean Consulting – we have spent years developing and refining our suite of Lean Six Sigma training. Our offering is unparalleled in the marketplace against our peers in terms of quality, content and cost.

Of all the Lean Six Sigma training course out there – the one with the most variation in terms of quality is the Black Belt course. Many providers offer this as a 5-day course which gets us to wondering – what exactly are they leaving out that allows them to only take up 5 days?

Our 10-day course is packed with vital knowledge, skills, practice and understanding. If we turned it into a 5-day course – we’d only be teaching a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course (which is a 5-day course).

Other providers seem to want to gouge their customers for ridiculous sums of money. For instance, BSI is a well-known provider of lots of different training, but the idea that a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course should cost over £10,000 is quite ridiculous.

Then there’s the support available – we offer coaching and project certification as part of the course fees – not additional extras. We also offer all our students on all our courses, continuous support over the phone or email – forever. We still get calls from people we trained over 10 years ago – which is great! Sometimes they are just touching base, other times they have questions about a tool they rarely or never used. We’re always happy to speak with the people we trained.

Using Google’s top (relevant) search results, we’ve pulled together a summary of the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training on offer form our competitors – including price and what the training includes.

But don’t take our word for it – feel free to check around for yourself – we’re confident you won’t find a better value course.

Company Cost (incl VAT) Accreditation Suite of Templates Online Library Free Ongoing Support CPD Certification Independently verified reviews Review Score
Lean Consulting £4,999 4.8 from 5
Claudius Consulting £5,400
BSI £10,836
100% Effective £6,150 4.7 from 5
Catalyst Consulting £5,904
QA Not Shown
PMI £8,399
The Lean Six Sigma Company £3,390
Sixsigma.co.uk £4,086 4.0 from 5
The Knowledge Academy £4,074 8.6 from 10

There are cheaper Lean Six Sigma Black Belt courses out there in the marketplace, but none that offer the high level of quality that you’d normally expect to pay more than £6,000.